3 hours

3 hours This pic. will remind me of 3 hours I have spent on  putting some pics. on this page.What I lost are the story and  the pic. of a corn.The next two days I might not be free because I'll go away to see my father.

I got up this morning and felt like I was in a hut in a rice field far away.There were lots of noises  coming from the toads,frogs and อึ่งอ่าง around our flat.It rained all day and night.Yesterday one of my neighbours said it was good for me not to water the plants in my garden.But today there was too much water that made some of the plants fall down. The corns  could be picked but I had no time to do that.

I started to write the diary at  4 am .I tried to put the pictures  after I finished the story. In so doing I lost all .I tried again and again but nothings came.Finally, I got only the picture of a frog and the first3 lines of the story above which I posted at 7.01 on the 23rd.


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Posted on Fri 29 Oct 2004 20:42

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