The Sun,

This morning after I finished  washing my clothes and putting them on the cloth hangers,I carried them downstaire to the ground floor to dry them. I hung them on the stick between two  trees.The sun smiled brightly and sweetlyIt said it was glad to help me dry the clothes.I climbed up 30 steps of the ladder to my room on the third floor to read my child's di.As soon as I finished posting the comment,the very strong wind came.It brought lot of rain with itThey came so fast that the sun rushed away ti hide in pannic.They also ignited me to jump up from the com. and dash downstaire to pick the clothes. The clothes were not on the stick.Where were the clothes then?The had already been sent down to spread on the ground.I picked the wet clothes as quickly as Icould and hurried to climb up to my room. I kept the clothes on the line.No sooner had I been in front of my computer than the wind and the rain stopped That was as if they had swiched off themselse with in no time.May be they just wanted to have fun with me and helped me lose my weight by always moved.Look at the sun, it is laughing happily now. .. Bye!.

.I'll take the clothes to see the laughing sun right now.

 ชักผ้า  ลงไปตาก กล้บขิ้นมาอ่านได ส่งความคิดเห็น พายุลมแรง ฝนตก วิ่งลงไปเก็บผ้า ไม่ทัน ผ้าหล่น อยู่บนพื้น เก็บเสร็จ วิ่งขึ้นมาตากในบ้าน รีบมาเขียนได พอลงนั่ง ฝนหยุดตกทันที ลมสงบ แดดเปรี้ยง    

 จบแล้วจ้า โอม  เพี้ยง  อย่าหายไปอีกเลย นะ


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Posted on Fri 29 Oct 2004 18:41

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