Here I am !

It"s so long for me while I was waiting to post my di.because the power supply was out of order.It had been  used  about 4 or 5 hours each time  since  I learned how to post the di. And  it took me more than 10 hours each days to be in front of the com.My husband said it got angry and went away to have a rest for some days. 

While  I could not use the com,i watched two good movies;Holy Man..Eddie Murphy, and  Gladiator..

What impressed me from Holy Man  is when we see someone gets angry we should help him to stop his anger by hugging him and showing him sincerely how much you understand him and love him .

From Gladiator the father told the son that the son's wrong is the father failure.




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Posted on Tue 9 Nov 2004 20:59

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