My Father 3

I should have -------


I am sad


Because I always think of the good things


my father did for his children.


Because I have only good memories about my father


I should have   -----


My father  named me Metta that means loving kindness. He always told me that it was ordinary to love and forgive the ones we loved and loved us, but he would like me to  be kind and forgive anyone who I thought  hurt me. When  I felt  hurt by someone’s words or deeds and I told my father, he  asked me to rethink  and consider my behaviors to see what I had done that  made me got the respond from the other like that. He usually took me to practice Dharma at a wat. He never blamed me when someone borrowed my money and never gave it back.  More than that, when I hurt my father without my intention allowing myself to be hurt  by  someone unkind.


My father encouraged us to eat good food such as   vegetable, bananas and   soybean .The ways   he  talked  made me truly want to do as he said. He   said     rabbit had good and   beautiful   sparkle eyes because it ate morning glory .I wanted to have sparkle eyes like a rabbit . I   ate   a lot of morning glory .My father bought bananas and honey home and he said they made good health and long life. I ate a lot of bananas and honey. When I was a    student  in a  dormitory in Bangkok and in Songkhla my father  still bought  the honey  for me.


My father liked us to get up early and jog in the morning. He said it  made us fit and fresh.I did that.


My father had a good sense of humor. He had a lot of funny stories. He liked to tell them to his children and the people around him. That why  the people like to be near him  .It was told that when he was a  young man, his people  asked him not to work in the rice field. What they wanted him to do was to tell them happy  stories.His duty was  to entertain them while they were working in the  rice field for him.


The day  my father passed away,many people came to pay respect to his body.

Some  told me that they thought he were  their father.


They praised him so much that I felt ashamed of myself in not realizing that so much before.


My father is the pride!!.


I should have told my father when my father were alive. And I should have ………


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Posted on Tue 22 Mar 2005 11:46

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